Automatically import Yuuno

When you use Yuuno often, you probably want to load Yuuno automatically.

Follow these steps to do it.

Locate the IPython configuration

  1. IPython stores its configuration inside profiles. The default profile is called default. Create the default configuration for the default profile.

    $ ipython profile create default

    You can skip this step when you already have a profile


    You can replace default with something else. You need to replace default with the name of your profile in the following steps.

    To load IPython with this profile, use

    $ ipython --profile=<YourProfileName>
  2. Find the path to the configuration to your profile.

    $ ipython locate profile default
  3. Open the file for editing.


    When using Yuuno inside the default IPython console, use instead.

Adding Yuuno to the extension list

This part assumes that you have the IPython config file open.

  1. Locate the line starting with this code:

  2. Remove the leading # from the line.

  3. Insert into the brackets: ‘yuuno’


    If there are other things listed in the brackets, append the string into the brackets, separated by a comma.

  4. The line should look like this:

    c.InteractiveShellApp.extensions = ['yuuno']