Configuration Locations

Ad-Hoc configuration

Jupyter provides a %config magic which you can use to configure Jupyter. Yuuno hooks into it so you can configure Yuuno using the same command.

%config will show you a list of config-sections.
%config <SECTION> shows you a list of configuration options for that section.
%config <SECTION>.<CONFIG> shows you the current value.
%config <SECTION>.<CONFIG>=<VALUE> allows you to change the value.

Here is a small list of potentially useful configuration values.

Persistent configuration

Yuuno for IPython uses the configuration system provided by IPython. This means, the full configuration of Yuuno is exposed by the configuration system of IPython.

A more detailed explanation is given at the IPython Configuration documentation page.

You can use the configuration file to automatically load Yuuno at startup by adding the following at the bottom of the IPython config file:


Additionally, all configuration for Yuuno is located inside the Yuuno-namespace. For example, you can configure Yuuno to use a Point-resizer instead of Spline36 to convert your clips to rgb by appending this to the IPython config file.

c.Yuuno.VapourSynth.resizer = "resize.Point"

Configuration values


This section allows you to configure how Yuuno integrates into Jupyter.


Default: True
Startup Only VapourSynth >= R44

This setting configures if Yuuno can manage multiple cores. This allows Yuuno to behave more like VSEdit.


Default: True
Debug Startup Only VapourSynth >= R44
This setting configures whether Yuuno-Clips are wrapped into their respective environment before showing. Depending on your Yuuno version, this configuration might cause errors when displaying any clips.


This section allows you to configure how VapourSynth and Yuuno work with each other.


Default: False
VapourSynth <= R44

All plugin names are case-insensitive.
This option is ignored on VapourSynth R45 and onwards.


Default: True

Add a cache to all new VapourSynth-clips. It is never a good idea to set this to False


Default: Not set

Configures how large the inline caches should be.


Default: Not set

Configures how many worker-threads VapourSynth will use.


Default: None

Configures how the RGB-planes are extracted by Yuuno.


Default: 'resize.Spline36'

Configures which resizer is to be used for converting from the frame-colorspace to RGB24


Default: None

Set this to a function that takes an RGB24-clip and returns an RGB24-clip. This will be the last function called when converting your clip from your color-space to RGB.


Default: True

When set to true, Yuuno will try to determine the correct YUV-Matrix by using the frame-props of the frame to display.


Default: '709'

If Yuuno couldn't determine the correct YUV-Matrix from the frame-props, this value will be used as fallback.



Default: 'sRGB'

When outputting .png, Yuuno will insert a color-profile to ensure all browsers display the image the same way.

If it is set to sRGB it will use sRGB. Otherwise specifiy the path to an ICC Color-Profile.


Default: 6

Defines how good the .png-file will be compressed.

  • 0 means no compression,
  • 1 is the fastest compression
  • and 9 the slowest.