Getting started

What is Yuuno?

Yuuno is an extension for IPython and provides formatting and automatic namespace inclusions for the IPython Shell as well as the Jupyter IPython Kernel so that video-clips provided by frame-servers such as VapourSynth can be introspected inside the shell.

So, how do I start Jupyter?

Run the correct command for your operating system and/or environment.

On Linux and Mac
jupyter notebook
On Windows
py -3 -m notebook

Your browser should open and a list of files in your current directory should be shown.
You can choose an existing notebook-file ending with .ipynb or create a new one by clicking on "New" and then selecting "Python 3"

A new tab will open and you will be able to enter new code to execute. Press Shift+Enter to execute code.

How do I use Yuuno?

Before you can enjoy Yuuno, you need to explicitely enable it inside your Notebook.

In  [1]:
%load_ext yuuno

After executing this command, vs and core will automatically be imported for you. This will make it easier for you to use Yuuno with VapourSynth.

Let's open a preview for a simple black clip:

In  [2]:
clip = core.std.BlankClip(length=10000)
%preview clip
Out [2]:

By modifiying and adding stuff to your cell, you can create an encode script which you can then preview.

In the unlikely case you are ever satisfied with your result, you can then use %encode to encode your clip. You will see an output of your script here.

In  [3]:
%encode clip x264 - --demuxer y4m -o test.mkv
Out [3]: